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About Beck Farms

Beck Farms is a family operation started by Gary and Donna Beck many years ago. The farm has grown to include Gary and Donna’s next generation; Wade, his wife Cynthia and their children, Mark and his wife Tami and their children.


The love of the land and agriculture is found in their genetics; in 2014 the Beck family was awarded the Century Family Farm Award for one hundred years of continuously farming land homesteaded by Gary’s Grandfather.


Through many years of growth, change and improvement, their current operation consists of a 5000 acre grain farm primarily growing durum, lentils and canola. They also have a 300 head cowherd consisting of purebred Charolais, and commercial Red Angus cross cows bred Charolais. Making the most of available land, the Becks graze their cattle on terrain that is less productive in grain production.


The purebred cows calve during January and February and the commercial cows calve during March and April. The Becks market their commercial calves in the fall straight from the pasture while the purebred bull calves are marketed through the annual Beck Farms McCoy Cattle Company Bull Sale, which occurs the last Wednesday in February.


Purebred females are rarely sold as breeding stock, which allows the Becks to offer the best genetics in their bull sale.


The next generation of Beck farmers are growing up quickly and all of the children are involved in the local 4-H Beef Club, and they all have acquired animals of their own (a wide array of animals, none of them cattle – yet!)


Feel free to come for a visit, tour the cattle and see the new sale facility on Wade and Cynthia’s farm; the kids will surely share with you what they have for sale!



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